We like to think of the Baron Shave Project as a remastering of the classic style wet shave with a modern look and feel. We took what we liked from a proven hundred year old design and added our own unique features to make Baron the ultimate shaving experience. The kit comes with everything you need to start shaving right away. All you need to add is water!

Shaving with Baron, you’ll not only have more control over the quality of your shave but also your wallet. Baron’s double-edged replacement blades only cost a fraction of the typical multi-blade razors and are available in many makes, allowing you to finally find the perfect blade for your face. When compared to the average one-size-fits-all cartridge razor, you’re not only looking at smoother, less irritating shaves but also at saving hundreds every year with Baron!

The Baron Shave Kit is the first of its kind. We are travelers and wanted to be able to take all our shaving tools with us anywhere. With Baron, this is easy. The kit is designed to be completely self-contained. It includes a unique brush and razor stand as well as an integrated soap dish and extra blade storage. The stand, dish, and protective case all thread together for a tight and secure seal, making travel safe and simple. Baron includes everything you need for a great shave in one sleek package.

We designed Baron to last a lifetime and it will. We used only the highest quality materials and took great care in developing the perfect balance of form and function. The razor and brush are crafted from stainless steel and finished in an extremely durable matte black coating that makes them undeniably beautiful. The case is made from a tough, impact resistant polymer, also in black. Baron delivers a perfect shave every time and also looks great sitting on your bathroom counter.

The Baron Shave Kickstarter Project will go live on June 15th! With your support, we look forward to sharing it with you. You’re unique, your razor should be too!



Constructed from stainless steel and finished with a durable matte black coating, the Baron Razor is the perfect balance of form and function. It features an open and closed comb for incredible versatility and is compatible with all double sided blades, enabling you to easily discover what blade works best for your beard. You’re unique, and your razor should be too.


Shaving with a brush creates a thick lather that helps hydrate and soften your beard before each shave. We use premium synthetic fibers in our brush that provide great absorption and dry quickly.


Our case is constructed from a durable impact resistant polymer. The stand, dish, and protective case all thread together for a tight and secure seal, making travel safe and simple. We also provided a recessed area for blade storage so you can easily take all your shaving tools with you on the road.